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the year is 2k14, human beings have been around for 4.5 billion years, we have moved forward in so many ways, and yet, people still think that vaginas get “loose” 

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Soft rocks…http://srsfunny.tumblr.com/

can you imagine though
you send your enemies a rather large amount of these in various sizes. you leave no return address or explanation. they open all the boxes to discover these wondrous pillows. they are reluctant to keep them but eventually they give in and integrate them into their home like the above pictures. after a few weeks or even months, theyve gotten accustomed to having them in their home and routinely relax in a large pile of the odd pillows. until one night you just take every single one back and replace them with actual rocks of the same dimensions so that when its time for them to relax and unwind from their day day fall into a pile of hard unmoving boulders. they break their spine and are paralyzed. you have won

What the fuck is wrong with you…
… its too early for this bullshit. Me, no matter what time it is (via natashakills)

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if u send me an ask complimenting me or telling me that u like my blog i will smile for like 38 hours straight

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this is so cute omg